Trash on Beach

Our Program

We envision a safer community through a cleaner environment

Environmental Up-keep

For this initiative we gather youth and Adult volunteers together to clean, repair, and improve public spaces or other areas (such as vacant lots or abandoned properties) that have been neglected, vandalized, or misused.

Every 2nd Sunday - North Nashville 

Every 4th Sunday - SOUTH NASHVILLE 

Eco-D.I.Y Art Workshops

In this Workshop you will learn how to turn litter into art. From an array of workshops consisting of tye-dye, glass blowing, jewelry making, and more. The environmental benefits of recycled art include, for example, its contribution to the use and extending the useful life of materials and, as a consequence, by reducing the amount of waste generated.

Eco-drip Leadership Learning Zone

Eco-Drip Leadership Learning Zone will utilize community mentor leaders to teach recycling, repurposing, gardening, care for the earth, economics, artistry, community organizing, and leadership from a social justice perspective. 


Volunteer Assistance Relief

Provide immediate assistance to victims of local and national disasters (such as fires, floods, tornados, etc.)  issuing individual assistance, providing mass feeding and sheltering. You may also work behind the scenes in logistics and reporting functions. This is an opportunity to be a first call responder for any volunteer opportunity with Recycle & Reinvest or our one of many community partners.