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The ECO-DRIP LEADERSHIP LEARNING ZONE is a 4 Week or  10 - Week environmental leadership program compatible with Virtual, after-school, and summer programs for grades K -12 available to South, and East Nashville residents.

In the Eco-Drip Leadership Learning Zone program, Youth will learn, visit, and/or talk to community leaders from gardens, Congress Leaders, Colleges, and farms to learn about Environmental racism, climate change, and wildlife. 


Welcome to the Eco-Drip Leadership Learning zone, you will be introduced to all our programs and invited to our monthly community clean-up we host in every LAST Sunday.

In this 4 Week or 10 Week program, youth will have the opportunity to learn about nine areas related to sustainability, the Principles of an Eco-Leader, a ton of different eco-friendly games, and outdoor activities that include but are not limited to gardening, environmental Cleanups, and field trips.  

Based on your area of interest, age, admin assessment, program space, and availability will determine the best option for you to become the next generation of Eco-Drip Leaders.



 Participants will have the opportunity to meet with one Adult who agreed to do daily portal engagement on our website, Bi-weekly virtual Check-Ins, and Quarterly Meetups in Person, and to teach, discuss, and discover the definition of LEADERSHIP.

As much as we are vested in children learning the STEM

skill sets, we are equally proposing to develop their existing social justice leadership


LEADERSHIP is a critical role for Black boys to learn and model the knowledge

of science and caring for the environment and the planet.

Recycle Reinvest Environmental Eco-Drip Leadership Mentor/Mentee Project



The next generation is being deeply affected by the huge challenges of today’s times; a global pandemic, social and racial unrest, the climate crisis, an insurgency, economic devastation, war, and worst of all, isolation.


Maybe it’s a symptom of the times or maybe it’s a result of the problems they face… one way or the other, young people today have clarity. They have wisdom and ideas about how to build a more sustainable existence for humankind.


Youth will visit or talk to a GUEST SPEAKER or a community leader, Congressional Leaders, Colleges Campuses, Gardeners, and Farmers to learn about Environmental racism, climate Change, Agriculture, and Wildlife Conservation. Recycle and Reinvest will advance the goal of ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE.




From the food we eat to the cars we drive, we make choices every day that impacts our habitat, climate, families, and the consequences can be irreversible.


Systemic change begins with teaching about sustainability in all the places where we live, learn, and work.

Youth will help bridge the communication and infrastructure gap that results in large amounts of FOOD BEING WASTED by connecting food companies and their logistics partners with the nearest charity able to accept their surplus or unsaleable wholesome inventory.


Our FACILITATORS will explore FOOD WASTE, recycling, waste management, veganism, and how to embrace a low waste lifestyle. 

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