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We are Recycle & Reinvest

We envision a safer community through a cleaner environment


Jaffee Judah



Kamita Wilson

Board Member, Vice President


Joseph Bazelais

Board Member, Treasurer

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Keith Benion

    Program Director for Eco-Drip Leadership Learning Zone.


    Amanda Jamerson

      Board Member , Secretary

      Our Mission

      Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of environmental stewards through art, education, youth mentorship, and environmental upkeep.


      About Recycle & Reinvest

      About Recycle & Reinvest

      Recycle & Reinvest  is a nonprofit organization founded in Nashville, Tennessee by Jaffee Judah, Kamitia Wilson, & Joseph Bazelais. Recycle & Reinvest  motivation as community art activist and environmentalist  stem from Personal  own experiences growing up in Nashville/ Memphis Tn and Brooklyn, New York. 

      After Jaffee Judah did 6.5 years in prison for a crime committed at 15 years old at 22 Jaffee was released on parole with a challenge to rebuild his life.His return was welcomed by From The Heart a local non-profit in Tennessee who gave him the opportunity to do some volunteer work in his old community in East Nashville. 

      The abundance of crime and trash in walk-ways, playground areas, and neighborhood alleys were just as polluted now when he was a youth.In order to stop violent crime we need to address the risks and needs of those most likely to be involved in it. 

      So on his own merit Jaffee decided to start picking up trash anywhere and everywhere he could.Jaffee hoped that a challenge of this nature would help people from different ages bond and minimize the crime in different communities. 

      In October 2018  The team of three  decided to stop complaining and help to alleviate the problem by putting boots on the ground  and start facilitating beautification workshops and educate others on how to have a zero waste lifestyle.Recycle & Reinvest  was born; Youth mentorship, Repurposing materials for Art, and collecting Recyclable for people in low income housing areas for free.

      Gravel Road into the Forest

      Our Vision

      We envision a safer community through a cleaner environment

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