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There are many outdoor events in Nashville where non-profit organizations are given the chance to participate. Recycle Reinvest tables at many of these events to meet people, entertain their kids, tell them about our citywide programs, and give them some information on the environment and local issues. 

Our community efforts are not just restricted to our students. We commit to our team members; the heart of the organization and an integral part of the vision we work towards everyday. Recycle Reinvest invites individuals who want to make an impact on the community alongside with us.

Our volunteers are an essential component to our workshops. Work hands-on with kids of all ages and carry out exciting science experiments. Teach advanced STEM concepts to our students, or learn along with them! (Science is tough stuff! You don’t have to be an expert to volunteer.) No matter the background, your experiences and expertise can bring a lot to our organization. So, don’t be shy! Register to volunteer today!

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